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A list of documents for Home Movie Day hosts to assist with event preparation, and handouts for attendees.

All documents are PDF files unless otherwise specified.


The following documents are designed to help Home Movie Day organizers plan their events. The Center for Home Movies can also help connect local hosts—particularly new hosts—with existing networks to find volunteers and equipment, particularly now that functioning equipment and the people with expertise to operate it is getting more difficult to find.

**NEW!** Host Live Virtual Screening Events Using (mostly) Open Source Tools. We partnered with Morgan Morel of Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) who created this step-by-step guide to producing a virtual Home Movie Day. (Also available as a Google Slide presentation that includes how-to animations)

Hosting Home Movie Day An introduction to Home Movie Day for first-time hosts.
Contents: About Home Movie Day. Goals of Home Movie Day. Hosting Home Movie Day and Home Movie Day Communication.

Home Movie Day 101 By Liz Coffey. This important and helpful document offers a thorough primer to Home Movie Day.

Film Screening & Projection Checklist By Dr. Leo Enticknap. A screening and projection checklist for safely projecting film.

Videotape and Home Movie Day A guide to the technological and curatorial issues involved in incorporating videotape into a Home Movie Day event.

Day-of Event Documents

These documents and forms will assist in helping your event run as smoothly as possible.

Home Movie Day Talking Points Examples of what to talk about during your Home Movie Day event.
Contents: Why is saving home movies important? Goals of Home Movie Day. Transferring films for access. Home preservation tips. Shooting film today.

HMD Film Report Card & Tip Sheet A customizable handout for attendees with information about basic film preservation, and a “Report Card” that gives them information on the condition of their films. [Word]

Film Drop Off Sheet Customizable form for participants dropping off films in advance of HMD events. Includes participants contact information and a release form. [Word]

HMD Event Supplies and Equipment Checklist A list of recommended supplies and equipment to have on hand for a Home Movie Day event.

HMD Participant Sheet Check-in Form For event attendees who bring film to screen.
Includes contact information, descriptions of films and a release form for projection and viewing. [Word]

HMD Participant Sheet Check-in Form For event audience members without film.
Includes contact information. [Word]

Informational Handouts for Attendees

One of Home Movie Day’s primary goals is to provide information about film and video preservation to the public. These documents are intended to be distributed to event attendees.

Saving Your Home Movies pamphlet (color version) [b&w versionThe Home Movie Day Guide to Saving Your Home Movies, a tri-fold PDF brochure to give to Home Movie Day attendees.
Includes information on storage, projection, documentation, donation, the Center for Home Movies, and Home Movie Day.

Disclaimer Handout to give to attendees who bring film to show about taking care of original films at HMD.

Home Video Preservation 101 By Carolyn Faber & Jeff Martin. A guide to saving your videotapes.
Information on preservation, playback, and digitization.

Identifying Film Formats An illustrated guide to identifying 35mm, 16mm, 9.5mm, 8mm and Super 8 film gauges.

Technology Timeline A timeline of motion picture film technology with an emphasis on amateur film gauges. By Snowden Becker & Katie Trainor.

Camera Identification Marks Historical illustration of camera identification marks from the edges of various 16mm and 8mm cameras. [JPEG]

For additional resources, please see the Center for Home Movies’ Preservation Links page.

Fun Stuff for Attendees

HMD Bingo [Word] [PDF] Rules and cards for HMD audience members to play Home Movie Day Bingo.
Playing Home Movie Day Bingo gets people involved in watching for details in the films. Created by Skip Elsheimer.

HMD Coloring Book:  cover 1 2 3 3(fair) 4 5 6 “The Little Home Movie That Could” A coloring book for children attending Home Movie Day.

Post-Event Report

Please fill out the HMD Annual Event Report following your event.