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Carlos Enrique Muñiz Melau – ¡Gurú!

Carlos Enrique Muñiz Melau, 1980, Super 8, sound
Location: Beniaján, Murcia, Spain
Shown at Home Movie Day Murcia, Spain

Transfer by Contrast Audiovisual / Barcelona
Film courtesy of Carlos Enrique Muñiz Melau
Memorias Celuloides
Copyright Carlos Enrique Muñiz Melau

Thanks to: Salvi Vivancos, Raúl M. Candela, Aurora Lema

See vimeo.com/112590904 for original Spanish language version

About the Film

Enrique was getting ready to attend Guru´s funeral when he decided he would take his super 8 camera. The images he filmed were the beginning of a tribute to his beloved friend.This film is not only an exceptional document which shows a funeral in 1980 but a commitment with memory, culture and preservation.
– Salvi Vivancos