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Gordon – Cuba, Severna Park Maryland

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James and Mary Gordon in Cuba, sledding in Severna Park Maryland
James Gordon, late 1950s, 8mm, color, silent, 5:38 (excerpt from James and Mary Gordon Home Movies)
Shown at Home Movie Day Ottawa, Ontario

Film scan by Movette Film Transfer
Film courtesy of Randy Gordon
Copyright Randy Gordon
Thanks to: Paul Gordon, Randy Gordon, Kelly Egan

About the film

“It is Cuba in the 50s when Batista was in power before Castro. He came into power as an American supported dictator in 1952 and was ousted by Castro in 1959. There was a big American tourist industry then–lots of gambling in Havana. My Dad (James Gordon) and Mom (Mary Gordon) often went there got the deep sea fishing and beaches.

The snow scenes are from Severna Park Maryland–late 50s or early 60s as Chris, Sue and myself are in them as well as Grandma. You can see again that Grandma was pretty fashionable for her time. We were on
rocket sleds coming down the hills just off the Severn River. Sue looks around 3 making Chris 6 and me 9.”

– Randy Gordon

About the music 

“Amoirosa Guajira” from Sueños de Ida y Vuelta by Serranito & Camerata Romeu, 2003-

“Winter Wind” by Jeff Carter