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James Sinclair: Brand Five

James Sinclair, 1960s, Super 8, color, silent, 7:57
Location: Germany [?]
Shown at Home Movie Day Raleigh, North Carolina
Film transfer by A/V Geeks
Film courtesy of Skip Elsheimer
Thanks to: Skip Elsheimer

About the Film

This reel was found at a flea market along with another 8mm reel of some men at an Army base. Nothing is known about it other than what we can speculate from the images themselves. It appears that the filmmaker James Sinclair (as shown in the elaborate titles which say “James Sinclair Productions Presents”) was probably an American GI in Germany in the 1960s and started to make a spy movie with his friend Danny Sterner (“as Paul Wilson” in the credits). He only got as far as to film the opening credits and a few dramatic scenes involving a mystery audiotape before the narrative ends and rest of the reel is the view from a train window.