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[Xmas Loot, ca. 1946] – Orphan film

The Center for Home Movies acts primarily as a clearinghouse for home movie collections, finding appropriate homes for potential donors. We do also maintain a small collection, housed at the Library of Congress’s Packard Campus in Culpeper, Virginia. The Library also is home to the Center for Home Movies/Library of Congress Collection.

While we do not have a publicly-accessible database, we do try to digitize as many of our films as possible and include them in the Home Movies collection of the Internet Archive.

Center for Home Movies/Library of Congress Collection

Robbins Barstow Travel Adventures
Arthur H. Smith Collection
Think of Me First as a Person Collection
Wallace Kelly Collection

Center for Home Movies Collection
Bernie Berkowitz Collection
Bernard Christiano Collection
Henry & Elizabeth Dewenter Collection
Ellwood F. Hoffmann Collection
Chad Hunter Collection
Rodney K. Ketcham Collection
James Mahoney Collection
Milai Family Collection
Melinda Stone Collection
George W. Struble Collection