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Preservation Links

Below are links to resources that provide important and helpful information on preserving your movies. Once you have made decisions, you may wish to refer to the Transfer Houses portion of this site for a list of transfer houses in your area.  Please also visit the Your Movies portion of this site for information regarding the value, care, and reformatting of your home movies.

Film Forever
The Home Film Preservation Guide. Includes tips on how to preserve your home movies on a budget.

Little Film
Information about home movie preservation, history, and lab services. Written by Toni Treadway.

A great video guide to learning motion picture film preservation and restoration.

One Hundred Years of Film Sizes
A historical look at the development of amateur and professional film gauges.

Film Preservation Society (Japan)
From our home movie friends in Japan!
You can click on the ‘English’ button for basic translation but if you read Japanese-all the better!

Pathescope 9.5mm page (UK)
Grahame Newnham’s page about 9.5mm films, including catalogues of equipment and films, and listings by the British Group 9.5

Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia (Italy)
Italian Home Movies archive based in Bologna, Italy.