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Musgrave Hyde – A Dream

Musgrave Hyde, ca. 1933, 16mm, b&w, silent
Location; Morristown, New Jersey
Shown at Home Movie Day Raleigh

Transfer by A/V Geeks
Film courtesy of Sandra Jacobi
Copyright Sandra Jacobi
Thanks to: Sandra Jacobi

About the Film

A DREAM was filmed in the early 1930’s in Morristown, New Jersey, probably in 1933. My father is in the film, which must have been a family project, as it was filmed by my grandfather Musgrave Hyde. The cast includes both of his sons, Albert (my father) and his brother Hugh, their cousins Ab and Bito Hamilton, and friend George Kalinin, with title effects (cigarette smoke) by Betty Hyde. The younger boys play the role of dreamers and the older boys are the mummies.

I remember watching A DREAM as a highlight of several childhood birthday celebrations in my family. I have since learned that the first appearance of a mummy in film was in 1932 (The Mummy, with Boris Karloff), which may have been the inspiration for including mummies in this clever short narrative film.
– Sandra Jacobi