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Maksim Sallabanda – Sallabanda Family Home Movies

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NË PARKUN E TIRANËS (In the Tirana park)
Maksim Sallabanda, 1978, 35mm to VHS, b&w, silent, 5:20
Location: Tiranë, Shqpiëri (Tirana, Albania)

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PASDITE NË SHTËPINË SALLABANDA (Afternoon at the Sallabandas’ House)
Maksim Sallabanda, 1985, 35mm to VHS, b&w, silent, 2:33
Location: Tiranë, Shqpiëri (Tirana, Albania)

Shown at Home Movie Day Tirana
Copyright: Armand Sallabanda
Film Courtesy of Armand Sallabanda
Thanks to: Armand Sallabanda, Shpend Bengu

About the Films

These reels are from the archives of my family and shot from the late ’70s to the ’80s. My father Maksim has an Italian mother who brought this 35mm camera from Italy, which he used to make these films. This was not illegal, but during the Communist regime you couldn’t show this kind of gear in public. I know this may sound strange nowadays but at that time everyone had to be equal in every aspects. It took courage for my father to shoot in public, in the zoo, at the beach and even in the neighborhood. After many years he decided to convert this 35mm film to VHS and then I converted in a digital version.

–Armand Sallabanda, 2017