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“Our Vacation in the Pocono Mts. PA, 1942” – John Sturcke Collection.

The Center for Home Movies seeks opportunities to fulfill its mission through a variety of activities and projects aimed at preservation and outreach. Its first and most enduring project has been establishing Home Movie Day as an annual international tradition, which has in turn led to the Living Room Cinema DVD release and the ongoing Home Grown Movies collections of material discovered at Home Movie Day screenings. Increasingly, we are pursuing means of making accessible the home movie holdings of various archives and collections via our Home Movie Registry and Home Movie Archives Database projects.

In this section you can learn about some of our other projects and initiatives, including advocacy for the preservation of particular film collections, the fruits of the 2010 Home Movie Summit in conjunction with the Library of Congress, and the Home Movie Registry, our most recent online initiative to bring together home movies from diverse sources into a single online portal.

My Aunt Alice’s Home Movies is a web publication of Chuck Kleinhans’s 1986 article, featuring a new preface and afterward, and Alice Worthen-Breon’s home movies, which are now available for viewing for the first time ever.

Amateur Night: Home Movies from American Archives is a feature-length 35mm compilation of 16 home movies and amateur films from American film archives, including home movies by Alfred Hitchcock, National Film Registry title OUR DAY, and home movies from the Heart Mountain Japanese internment camp, New Orleans’s Lower 9th Ward following Hurricane Katrina (by filmmaker Helen Hill), the rescue of Smokey Bear, an atomic bomb test in the Nevada Desert, and many more.