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Orphan Spanish Home Movies

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 Untitled Cartagena Home Movie

Unknown filmmaker, early 1960s, 8mm, B&W, 4:31
Location: Cartagena, Spain
Shown at Home Movie Day Cartagena (FICC/43 ficc.es)

About the Film

The filmmaker goes through his street and building, then he enters his home and one after the other depicts his wife, his daughter, his son and his maid. — Salvi Vivancos

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Untitled Double Exposure

Unknown filmmaker, mid 1960s, 8mm, color, 3:29
Location: Cartagena, La Manga del Mar Menor and Cabo de Palos, Spain
Shown at Home Movie Day Cartagena (FICC/43 ficc.es)

Film scans by Memorias Celuloides
Film courtesy of Anonymous
Thanks to: Salvi Vivancos

About the Film

Fireworks and a ballet dancer or a roller skater are accidentally superimposed in this beautiful film. Images by chance thank to Double 8 film system. The images, a disappointment for the filmmaker (and his family) at the time, are now a delight to the gaze. The poetry of human mistakes.

Resorts like la Manga del Mar Menor or Cabo de Palos and events like Semana Santa de Cartagena can be recognized in this orphan home movie filmed by a family from the Spanish town of Cartagena. — Salvi Vivancos

About the Collection

These orphan home movies were filmed by a family from the Spanish town of Cartagena. The whole collection belongs to an anonymous collector who has donated it to Memorias Celuloides Archive (memoriasceluloides.com).