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For hosts’ preparation and handouts on Home Movie Day.


Home Movie Day 101 (this important and helpful document was written by Liz Coffey and offers a thorough primer to Home Movie Day)

Hosting Home Movie Day

Projection Checklist

Videotape and Home Movie Day

Letter of support

Day-of Event Documents

Home Movie Day Talking points

Generic HMD Film Report Card & Tip Sheet


Drop Off Sheet

HMD Event Supplies and Equipment Checklist

HMD Participant sheet (person with film to show)

HMD Participant sheet (audience member only)

 Fun stuff for attendess

HMD Bingo

HMD Coloring Book:  cover 1 2 3 3(fair) 4 5 6

Handouts for attendees

Saving Your Home Movies pamphlet (color)

Saving Your Home Movies pamphlet (b&w)

How to Care for Your Family’s Videotapes and Digital Video Files

Identifying film formats

Technology Timeline handout

Cameramarkings (camera markings sheet)

Post-Event Report

HMD 2018 Event Report