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For hosts’ preparation and handouts on Home Movie Day.


Home Movie Day 101 (this important and helpful document was written by Liz Coffey and offers a thorough primer to Home Movie Day)

Hosting Home Movie Day

Projection Checklist

Videotape and Home Movie Day

Letter of support

Day-of Event Documents

Home Movie Day Talking points

Generic HMD Film Report Card & Tip Sheet


Drop Off Sheet

HMD Event Checklist

HMD Participant sheet (person with film to show)

HMD Participant sheet (audience member only)

HMD Bingo

HMD Coloring Book:  cover 1 2 3 3(fair) 4 5 6

Handouts for attendees

Saving Your Home Movies pamphlet (color)

Saving Your Home Movies pamphlet (b&w)

How to Care for Your Family’s Videotapes and Digital Video Files

Identifying film formats

Technology Timeline handout

Cameramarkings (camera markings sheet)

Post-Event Report

HMD 2017 Event Report