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Curatorial Team

Home Movie Day and Night: The 24-Hour Home Movie Marathon Curatorial Team

The 24-Hour Home Movie Marathon will rely on a team of curators to organize and manage the project. The curators will work as a team to compile the films that make up the program. The project organizers will be available for assistance with all aspects of the work.

There will be some room for autonomy and creativity, but the goal of each curator should be to come up an hour of home movies and videos from within each time zone that will capture a sense of place and fit within the “People & Places: Home Movies of Where We Live” theme.

The curators’ first — and perhaps most important — task will reach out to archives, collectors, and individuals across the time zone to find home movies to fill the program. In some more populous time zones this will be easy, while in others it will be very difficult. We would like to have as many countries represented as possible.

Once selections have been made, the curators should contact the owners of the films to get copies of video files. We will provide a list of preferred technical specifications for the types of files.

Depending upon their preference and access to equipment, curators may either compile the video files into a simple program using a template that the project will provide, or if they prefer can edit it into an hour-long creative work. Finally, curators will send their video compilation to the project organizers, who will prepare it for the webcast.

Because the webcast includes the possibility of including live presentations in addition to the videos, we will encourage you to develop short live programs, such as introductions, commentaries, or concluding remarks.

About funding: We are currently working on funding and sponsors for all aspects of the project, we can’t currently promise that there will be payment for the curators, so this should be considered as a volunteer project that you are undertaking for the joy of creating a one-of-a-kind project.