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Happy Home Movie Day!

Saturday, October 21st is the “official” HMD date for 2023, but like last year we welcome events throughout October and beyond – any day can be Home Movie Day! As many events have shifted back to being in-person, we’ve implemented a new calendar and submission form, all of which can be found at our About Home Movie Day page, along with lots of info about the history of global Home Movie Day and how to host your own. See you over there, and at the movies!

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  2. Environment Information Center, Chuo City

Home Movie Day Kyobashi Presents “Hata Akio’s Film Festival”

Environment Information Center, Chuo City Tokyo Squaregarden 6F 3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Akio Hata (1935.05.05-2021.01.28) A graduate of Nihon University College of Art, Mr. Hata started his professional career at Kinema Junpo Editorial Department, Association of […]