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2014 Annual Report now available!

Home Movie Days around the world, new collections, Home Grown Movies and our ever expanding community of amateur film advocates and supporters are all highlighted in our 2014 Annual Report

In 2014 the Center for Home Movies nurtured ongoing projects and planned for future change and growth. Showing an amazing ability to generate continued interest in the concept of sharing and screening home movies, the 12th annual Home Movie Day was celebrated in 19 countries, including for the first time ever, Indonesia! Over 450 amateur films and videos were shown worldwide at Home Movie Day events. Home Grown Movies, our online exhibit presenting the best films and videos from HMD screenings in 2013, entered its second year with eleven newly curated films and videos. 

Ellwood. H. HoffmannOur achievements are largely accomplished through the volunteer efforts of our active Board members and a community of supporters.  We operate on a frugal budget and CHM’s income is a mix of donations and stock footage sales, all of which goes back into the organization. Please consider supporting us – every little bit counts and your contributions are tax deductible.

A tip of the hat to Andy Uhrich for composing this year’s report. The executive board of the Center for Home Movies thanks all who donated money, time, talent and muscle over the past year. Without you our work in preserving and promoting home movies would not be possible.

Gratefully yours,

Center for Home Movies Boards of Directors

(Antonella, Skip, Amy, Albert, Dwight, Andy & Molly)


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