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Stanley Zoobris Home Movies – Reel 010

These videos are digital transfers of most of the 150+ home movies shot on 8mm film by Stanley Zoobris between 1939 and 1964. Stan (1907-1964) was born in London and trained as a watchmaker. He emigrated to the U.S. from England as a young man during the 1920s. In 1955 he opened his own watch-repair shop on 8th Street in New York City. The films depict family life in the New York City area during the 1940s and 50s, and additionally in Levittown (Long Island), NY during the early 60s. Captured also are family excursions to New England, Canada, and other places along the eastern coast of the U.S.. The original movies range in length from about 8 minutes to about 18 minutes per reel. Here, the films are listed as Reels and are presented in roughly chronological order.

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