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Preservation Project reports on HMD Richmond 2006

Preservation Project reports on HMD Richmond

Ashley Maynor gives an in-depth report on HMD Richmond and on her own home movie preservation efforts in her blog, Preservation Project. Organizers Jere Kittle and James Parrish get her kudos for running the event and providing advice.

About a dozen or so individuals came by between 10am and 1pm with their home movies in tow. One individual had films from the 1940s that she had inherited but never seen, another had several “found” 8mm reels with no idea what was on them. Yet another brought in a 16mm film she had completed in art school, but couldn’t remember what she had shot. Jere and James meticulously inspected a reel from each person in order to detect any damage, repair splices, add leader and prepare for projecting that afternoon in the library auditorium.

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