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“Postcards”: The Home Movie Day 2018 Image Exchange

[vimeo id=”295864946″]
One of the most exciting parts of Home Movie Day being held around the world is that we can see ourselves through other’s eyes. A home movie maker from Japan will visit London, and a family from London will travel to California, and a movie shown in California will show a trip to Brazil, and so on. The hosts of Home Movie Day 2018 were asked to contribute home movies from their collections showing travelers in foreign countries as a way of documenting these connections.

Archives from the United States, Italy, Japan, Northern Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland shared films from Europe, Central America, Central and East Asia, Africa, North and South America. The video was then edited by Marina Mulas, Gigi Cabras, Luca Portas of the Cineteca Sarda.

Contributing archives:
California Historical Society & California Revealed
The Center for Home Movies
Chicago Film Archives
Cineteca Sarda – Cagliari
Filmoteca de Valencia – Valencia
Filmoteca Regionale Siciliana – Palermo
Film Preservation Society – Tokyo
Lichtspiel Kinemathek – Bern
Memorias Celuloides – Cartagena
Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive – Belfast
Proxecto Socheo – A Guarda
Superottimisti – Torino
Tennesee Archive of Moving Image and Sound – Knoxville

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