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Ojai, California Home Movie Day

Bring the past and the present together — Home Movie Day is coming to Ojai!

Home Movie Day is an annual worldwide celebration of amateur films. We provide the expertise to evaluate and screen those family films you may have never seen. Clean out your closets, barns and storage sheds of those cans and boxes of Grandma’s favorite vacations, parades, birthday parties or graduations. Experts will be on hand to guild you in how to preserve and digitize your family treasures. It’s fun and even historic!

Saturday, August 16
Ojai Arts Center
113 S. Montgomery St. Ojai, CA 93023
11:00am (film drop-off for inspection)
Noon-3:00pm (screenings)

Formats supported: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, and VHS


Ann Horton, loveringstudio99@gmail.com, (805) 272-8189
Sean Savage, ssavage@oscars.org, (310) 247-3016 x3381