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North Carolina in the news 2006

North Carolina in the news

Jean P. Fisher of the News and Observer wrote an article titled “Home movie buffs revere the reel thing” (there it is again…) covering this year’s events at the North Carolina State University. Organizer Martha Orgeron is interviewed, and the piece also features a number of photos of Skip Elsheimer, Devin Orgeron, and others.

Film archivists at each gathering inspected the movies to determine their condition and projected those that were in good enough shape. The idea is to remind people of the historic and sentimental value of such films and give families the chance to view movies many have not seen in decades.

One man attending the Raleigh event brought in film shot at Yankee Stadium in the 1930s. He said Lou Gehrig played that day. A younger man, born in Taiwan, shared a film of his third birthday in 1979, showing his extended family sitting down to a meal of sushi and Chinese hot pot, a kind of fondue.

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