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November 2012 Archives

November 8, 2012


HMD Report: Pamplona


Event Venue: Filmoteca de Navarra
Paseo Antonio Pérez Goyena, 3
31008 Pamplona (Navarra) Spain

Event time (screening): Friday 26th of October, 6pm

Event time (inspection): during the year

Total Audience: 80

Number of people bringing films: Projection from 19 different people

29 Films screened by Gauge:
8mm: 3
Super 8: 20
16mm: 6

Special events/screenings: The projection has been accompanied by a performance of the musician Javier Asín at the piano. During the week we organized a small exposition with cameras, moviolas, splicers, books and projectors.

Press (pre-event and post-event): The informations about the HMD appeared in our web site (with Sean Savage’s trailer), in the hand program of the filmoteca, in local newspapers and thanks to filmoteca’s newsletter. The day after the projection an article appeared in the local newspaper.

Report submitted by Silvia Casagrande

Like last year, we decided to project films stored in the archive of the Filmoteca. All the films are home movies from the 30’s to the 80’s in which we can see landscapes of the region and its traditions.

We screened 29 short films: some traditional fiestas and events such San Fermín, the “Tributo de las 3 vacas”, fiestas in Olite, Tafalla, Tudela and classical encierros and corridas. Besides that, we projected some rural works such grape harvest and bread preparation, some private religious event such Holy Communions, some family events and fragments of amateur’s films: the traditional fiesta of Santa Águeda, in the village of Alsasua, and a documentary about the village of Ujué.

List of all the films projected:
– Fiestas de San Fermín 1945 (16mm, b/w silent),
– Tributo de las 3 vacas 70’s (S8mm, color, silent),
– Jugando en un columpio 40’s (16mm, b/w, silent),
– Carnaval de Lanz 70’s (S8mm, color, silent),
– Vendimia en Tafalla 1956 (8mm, color, silent),
– Fiestas de Tafalla 1957 (8mm, b/w, silent),
– Fiestas de San Fermín 1970 (S8mm, color, silent),
– Encierro, vaquillas, deporte rural y feria de ganados 40’s (16mm, b/w, silent),
– Funes: voladura del puente, 1975 (S8mm, color, silent),
– El volatín de Tudela 1970 (S8mm, color, silent),
– Fiestas de Olite 40’s (16mm, b/w, silent),
– Corrida en San Fermín 70’s (S8mm, color, silent),
– 1ª Comunión 70’s (S8mm, color, silent),
– Toros en San Fermín 1975 (S8mm, color, silent),
– En bici en Ermitagaña 80’s (S8mm, color, magnetic sound),
– Noticiario beratarra 1952 (16mm, b/w, silent),
– Bajada del ángel de Tudela 1983 (S8mm, color, silent),
– 1ª Comunión 70’s (S8mm, color, silent),
– Pic-nic en el campo 1987 (S8mm, color, silent),
– Corrida en San Fermín 70’s (S8mm, color, silent),
– Preparación del pan casero 70’s (S8mm, color, silent),
– 1ª Comunión 1968 (S8mm, color, silent),
– Fiestas de cumpleaños 1954 (8mm, b/w, silent),
– Gimnasia en la sierra de Urbasa 1971 (S8mm, color, silent),
– Alsasua: Santa Águeda 1975 (S8mm, color, magnetic sound),
– Niña y gallinas 80’s (S8mm, color, silent),
– Navidad en casa en Barañain 1982 (S8mm, color, silent),
– Gran Gira anual de la peña Los Iruñshemes 1934 (16mm, b/w, silent),
– Ujué, piedras vivas 1980 (S8mm, color, magnetic sound).


November 25, 2012


HMD Report: Paris

Event Venue: L’Espace Saint Michel / 7 place Saint Michel / 75005 Paris

Event time (screening): From 2pm to midnight

Event time (inspection): From 2pm to 6pm

Total Audience: about 120 persons

Number of people bringing films: 15

Films screened by Gauge:

8mm: 1
Super 8: 28
16mm: 1
9.5mm: 0
Video: 2 DVD (1 from 8mm film)


12 total (Bruno G., Katerina Kampoli, Samantha Leroy, Carla Mancini, Sylvia Nicolas, Hervé Pichard, Sébastien Ronceray, Céline Ruivo, Jérémie Tate, Fanny Tziovaridis, Francesca Veneziano, Delphine Voiry-Humbert)

Special events/screenings:

14h: Program for children

16h: Special Program about Portrait

  • Algérie 1960, Francis Lemaitre, excerpt (1960, 8mm, silent, 7’) from ECPAD?The military Francis Lemaitre used his Brownie Kodak 8mm camera to shoot several moments of his service activities in the area of Constantine.
  • Gaël et Kiel, Leïla Gharbi (2010, Super 8, silent, 6’)
    Portrait directed in two times. The first one is the portrait of Gaël pregnant during the shower in May 2010. The second one is the portrait of the new family: Gaël, Joachim the father and baby Kiel, in June 2010.
  • L’échec total, Christophe Guérin (2010, video projection, 3’)
    From Super 8 films of the same unknown family, Christophe Guérin kept the images of the mother, which are represented the idea of the happiness. Then he thought about his own mother who raised two children alone and he associated the pictures to this sentence: “I didn’t see life like that; I saw it like a dream”.
  • Babàs, Consuelo Lins (2012, video projection, 20’)
    Inspired by a photograph from the 19th century represented a baba (a nurse) with child, this film tells the story of these women in Brazil.
  • Le voleur, Heinz Brockmann, (1940-1945, 8mm, B&W, 4’ 12’’), from ECPAD?Fiction filmed by an amateur: a thief tries to steal money from a German soldier (playing by the film director).
  • Images de l’eau, Philippe Cote (2012, Super8/Video, B&W and color, silent, 11’)?Different forms and manifestations taken by water, experiences of the director’s body underwater. A poetic essay about imaginary of the material.

18h : Open Screen (7 films brought by the audience)

[Cérès Franco]
Director unknown
1948, 8mm (video projection), black and white
Brought by Clémence, Cérès Franco’s granddaughter

Movie about Cérès Franco, a contemporary art collector, shot by friends in 1948 in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, to the beach of Ipanema) and in USA (during a dance show to the Casa Internacional in New York and in Salt Lake City).

[Film without title]
Directed by Wilfried Histi and Nadia Chalom
2007, Super 8, Colors
Brought by Wilfried Histi

Animation film directed without editing (“tourné-monté”), within the framework of Les ateliers du Rodéo Club. This funny and creative film tells the adventures of a penguin.

Les Halles
Directed by Louis Aimé Fraschini
Circa 1970-1973, 8mm, Colors
Brought by Béatrice Fraschini Rey, daughter of the director

Documentary film about Les Halles in Paris, during the great renovation: empty markets, manifestation against the renovation, destruction of the Pavillons Baltard, huge hole waiting for the new building… This film tells one of the great urban transformations in Paris during the 20th century.

[Films without titles]
Directed by Michel Chalot
Circa 1970, Super 8, Colors
Brought by Maxime Bouillon, son of the director

Two family movies: travel by car and Christmas night.

Salon de l’agriculture
Directed by Yves Dimet
Circa 1971-72, 16mm, black and white
Brought by Yves Dimet

Cows and activities during the agriculture show. An amazing film, a “will to do a film about imprisonment” (Yves Dimet)

Obsèques de Pompidou
Directed by Yves Dimet
1974, Super 8, Colors
Brought by Yves Dimet

A crowd of people is present at Georges Pompidou funeral. The director scratched little drawings on the film.

21h : Ciné – concert
40 minutes of excerpts of family movies from the Österreichisches Filmmuseum Pathé-Baby collection. These films come from four families; they show leisure of the middle-class from Wien in the thirties. The films have been accompanied by the performance of music band Les Ongles noirs and guest. The director Gaëlle Rouard edited 8 minutes of these films and presented a very special work called Loisible aventureux.

Press (pre-event and post-event):
The program was published on our web site (homemoviedayparis.fr), articles and adverts were published in revues and cultural programs.


November 29, 2012


HMD Report: Los Angeles

Venue: Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre
Event time (screening): Noon-4:00
Event time (inspection): 11:00-3:00
Total Audience: 50+
Number of people bringing films: 10

Films screened by Gauge:

8mm: 7
Super 8: 6
16mm: 6
9.5mm: 1
28mm: 1
VHS: 1

Volunteers: 25

Kelle Anzalone, Snowden Becker, Cassie Blake, Shay Cornelius, Jovita Dominguez, Brian Drischell, Donna Ellithorpe, Dino Everett, Jere Guldin, Fritz Herzog, Tessa Idlewine, Sean Kilcoyne, Kim Luperi, Brian Meacham, Sadie Menchen Schwartz, Esther Nam, Cliff Retallick, Charles Rogers, Sean Savage, Amanda Smith, Jessica Storm, Rhonda Vigeant, Leah Wagner, Rachel Wilson, Tim Wilson, Steve Wright

Special events/screenings: Finger-food potluck to coincide with screenings

Prize sponsors: Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, American Cinematheque, Cinefamily, Film Technology Co., Laemmle Theatres, Los Angeles Conservancy, Masa Pizzeria, Outfest, Pro8mm, Skylight Books, UCLA Film & Television Archive + purchased CafePress HMD logo gear

Press (pre-event and post-event): Made some calendar listings, but no feature stories. Trisha appeared on KUCI Irvine radio show, discussing archival issues.

Report submitted by: Trisha Lendo, Sean Savage

“Being able to view films I hadn’t seen in over forty years with my daughters by my side far exceeded my expectations for the day. And the friendliness and enthusiasm of everyone there made it just that much more enjoyable. I fully intend to be there next year, hopefully with more films in hand.”
–HMD-LA participant Debbie Ringo

As people were filling their plates from the finger food goodies and settling in, we ran a 16mm Kodachrome reel preserved by the Academy Film Archive. Newcomb Condee was a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge and dedicated documenter of his family and travels. This intertitled reel featured the high school graduation of (grand-?)daughter Marie, Grace Condee playing “Air Raid Warden” and horsing around with the younger kids and a glimpse of Charlie Chaplin on the tennis court.

The show proper began with HMD-LA regular Bill Jenkins, a collector of home movies, with early-to-mid-40s 8mm Kodachrome he purchased at a garage sale. The family and location were unknown, but their hijinks – including sack races, Halloween and quaint old rotary phones – were enlivened considerably by our volunteer (but still pro) pianist Cliff Rettalick.

UCLA MIAS student Robert Vaszari brought two Super-reels from 1980s, in which he appears with his twin brother on summer trips in Lake Tahoe and elsewhere. Another featured roll was shot by his grandparents in Palos Verdes.

Debbie Ringo came with reels shot by her father in the late 50s-early 60s. She hadn’t viewed them in 40 years, and simple math would tell you her daughters had never seen them. Slumber parties, go karts, brother on skateboard, and her dog Penny are all featured.

The ever-reliable Charles Rogers appeared again this year with S-8 rolls of Chicago White Sox games loyally captured by his Aunt Pat, c. 1976-7.

HMD-LA co-organizer Trisha Lendo shared an eBay find – “Garden Party” (1961) on 8mm Kodachrome.

Nicholas Spark (not The Notebook guy) has been collecting home movies for about a decade, and shared some L.A views from the 1960s. Believing he was in the clear for repurposing in his own documentary work, emcee Snowden set him straight by emphatically saying that home movies are NOT in the public domain.

Fred Kulberg was up next, making his fourth HMD appearance. From home movies he shot 1945-99, he compiled a thematic roll of Las Vegas and Reno marquees at night, with classic entertainers like Jerry Lewis, Shirley Bassey, Jimmy Durante and Buddy Hackett all appearing (well, their names in lights anyway). Also some San Francisco views and some ringside shots of a 1983 Larry Holmes fight (vs. ????).

Ziba Zehbar thought she had her VHS cued up – her father worked for Boeing and recorded over a McDonnell Douglas shareholder video and we scanned through much of it. Back to her later.

Rachel Wilson, another UCLA MIAS student, brought some 8mm & 16mm and her grandmother! The films were shot by her great grandfather, and highlights included 1940s fun in black and white – a three-legged sack race, kids blowing bubble gum bubbles, and canine shenanigans – as well as the Seattle 1962 World’s Fair in color, and Disneyland in the 70s.

Ziba’s VHS was now ready to roll, and some awkward comedy ensues as her adorable 2-year old sister tries to figure how to mount a bike with training wheels. Ziba also brought films she thought might be from pre-revolution Cuba, courtesy her ex-boyfriend’s mother, but the Super-8 turned out to be shot in Southern California.

HMD projectionist and purveyor of obscure amateur format gear and films, Dino Everett demoed an English family’s 1921 Christmas morning on 28mm and another’s visit to Stonehenge in color 9.5mm.

Debbie Ringo was up again with rolls of two different sets of Christmas festivities, 1950 in black and white starring her brother, and 1959 in color when she was about 7 years old. The films gave us a glimpse into an integrated Leimert Park of the 50’s as her and her brother played outside with neighbors. Also a family trip to Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley.

Trisha wraps up the afternoon with some 16mm she acquired in a thrift store just last month – waves crashing in Redondo Beach and snow-covered trees in Yosemite.

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