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Home Movie Day 2007 Preview

Home Movie Day 2007 Preview

Home Movie Day 2007 gets its first press of the year though a nice piece in the Toronto Globe and Mail this past week, an article titled “Reel movies by rank amateurs.” The article provides a preview of the event, some great reasons why it’s important to save your original home movies, and some thoughts on home movies from directors John Waters and Martin Scorsese.

HMD Toronto host Sylvia Frank, at the Toronto International Film Festival Group’s Film Reference Library, is quoted throughout the story.

Frank, who calls these nostalgic narratives “the people’s art form,” believes, as HMD’s founders did, that home movies deserve to be preserved alongside the work of more renowned cinematographers. The Library of Congress seems to agree with the sentiment – last year, a short film screened at an HMD event in New Orleans, Think of Me First as a Person, featuring scenes of a developmentally disabled boy as he grows up, was one of the 25 films entered in the library’s film registry.

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