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HMD Repost: Amsterdam 2012

HMD Repost: Amsterdam

?2012 Event Report

City: Amsterdam

Event Venue: Artis Zoo (Parkzalen, Plantage Middenlaan 41A, Amsterdam). Event time (screening): 11:00 – 16:00

Event time (inspection): 11:00 – 17:00

Total Audience: 50

Number of people bringing films: 19

Films screened by Gauge:

We focussed on video-only, so no films were screened.

8mm: 0 Super 8: 0 16mm: 0 9.5mm: 0 VHS: 6 MiniDV: 3 Hi8: 1
DVD: 7 Digital file: 2

Volunteers (No. and names): 28

SOUND AND VISION: Lotte Belice Baltussen
Valentine Kuypers
Heleen Ririassa
Tom De Smet
Hans van der Windt
Lisette Graswinckel
Eva Hielscher
Gijs Kimenai
Maartje Jansma
Hanneke Vroegindeweij
Agnes van Veen

Ronny Temme
Tim van der Heijden
Rixt Jonkman
Suzan Crommelin
Mart van der Wiel
Hay Kranen
Jesse de Vos
Danuta Zoledziewska
Harry van Biessum

SUPERSENS: Rutger van der Meer
Peter Dekker
Jean-Pierre Sens
Jaap Rieuwerts
Nico Kaal
Mario Vrugt

Emile de Gruijter
Margot de Jonge

Special events/screenings:
Screening of films in a separate room (about ten minutes per film):
1 Benefit by Hikmet Ulger (MiniDV)
2 Proposal of marriage to Emilia by Jan van der Meer (VHS)
3 World record chickengrill by Aart van Amerongen (DVD)
4 Tour at the Smalfilmmuseum by Femke Harmsen (VHS)
5 PH-EZK by Ivo de Jongh (MiniDV)
6 Material Girl – Julia Goes America (1995) (VHS)
7 Big City by Mr. F.J. Vogel (DVD, original Video8)
8 Amsterdam by Mr. W. Knop (VHS)
9 (no programme)
10A Michel with computer by Taco Bakker (Hi8)
10B 50th marriage anniversary Van Leuveren / Rob & Syl, 30 year marriage by Rob Swart (Digital file)
11 Village in a city (Nieuwendam) by Mr Rammers (DVD)
12 Light & Air by Mr. Rammers (DVD)
13 Various films by Mr. Rammers (DVD)
14 Oranje Museum by Aart van Amerongen (VHS)
15 Irish Pub by Hikmet Ulger (MiniDV)
16 Oh Yeah & One Vision by Cor Lievendag (Digital file)
17 Artis films from the archive of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (DVD, original 8mm, 16mm)
18 Dekave Drukkerij by Helen Delachaux (VHS)
19 Various films by Mr. Rammers (DVD)
When they were present during the screening, the makers were interviewed by Tim van der Heijden and Tom Slootweg.

Press (pre-event and post-event):
Pre-event press:

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Post-event press:


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Report submitted by?????????????????? Lotte Belice Baltussen and Harry van Biessum (The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)

The Home Movie Day by Sound and Vision was organised within the scope of the Amateur Film Platform project (www.amateurfilmplatform.nl). The aim of the project is to make a diverse and broad range of amateur films of four Dutch archives available online. Sound and Vision and its three regional archive partners all organised a Home Movie Day. Unique about these four days was that the focus lay exclusively with video, since one of the main project goals is to save amateur recordings from the video era (+/- 1980-2005) before it is too late. The target of the project is to acquire 100 hours of new material.

The Home Movie Day in Artis brought together amateur film enthusiasts from all over the Netherlands: Sound and Vision, SuperSens, EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the amateur film research project Changing Platforms and the Dutch Organisation of Audio Visual Amateurs.

So, in collaboration with technical partner and Home Movie Day sponsor SuperSens six viewing stations, each with a broad variety of video players were set up. People were asked to bring any type of format with them, from Hi8 to VHS, and from MiniDV to Video2000. Even then, two people managed to bring with them some tapes that we were not able to play: an NTSC Betamax tape from 1986 containing footage of a trip through the jungle of Panama and a VCR V60 from 1979 with a amateurfilm tv programme made in a professional studio. We decided to take them with us, in order to view them at a later stage.
A very wide and surprising range of videos were brought in. One person brought in VHS-material from the early days of prolific Dutch filmmaker Jiska Rickels, who was her class mate at the Dutch Film Academy.

There was also a remarkable VHS-tape from 2005 on which the 55th birthday of a woman was recorded, the late mother of the man who brought us the tape. The party included a rather large band, an amazing banquet food, beautiful dresses of the woman who changed into three different ones as the evening progressed, and the tradition of honoring the guarding angel of the woman (the honor was fulfilled by putting a large cup on her head with many red roses in it). Her son told that it was a typical, traditional birthday party for people from Suriname, the party itself was held in Amsterdam.
Furthermore there was interesting material shot at the anniversary of a restaurant in Baarn in 1989, where the world record of grilling chicken was set. The video showed a skewer with no less than 353 chickens on them.

At the end of the day, a total of 34 tapes from 14 different people were selected to be acquired by Sound and Vision and thus to be included in the Amateur Film project.
A report of the day can also be found on the blog of the Dutch project Changing Platforms

See also the event reports of the other Home Movie Days of the Amateur Film Project:
? 13 October, Groningen, GAVA
? 14 October, Rotterdam, Stadsarchief
? 27 October, Venlo, Limburgs Museum

Project URL: www.amateurfilmplatform.nl

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