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HMD Report: Santa Clarita, California 2006

HMD Report: Santa Clarita, California

Pro8mm’s Rhonda Vigeant reports that the 2nd annual Home Movie Day in Santa Clarita was a fabulous time. “I was surprised how many people who attended the event last
year came again,” she says. “There seemed to be an instant sense of connectivity between the returning participants.”

Everything ran smoothly for the audience of 50, thanks to the now-seasoned event volunteers and to the top-notch projectors donated for the day by Paolo Davanzo of Los Angeles’ Echo Park Film Center. While nearly half of attendees came with film, by all accounts the showstopper was a 400 ft. reel of Super8 shot in the 1960s on the tiny island of Falalop in what is today the Federated States of Micronesia. The reel was brought by a woman who had grown up in Falalop and acquired the film recently through a family member who had received it years ago as a gift from the island’s school principal.

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