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HMD Report: Roanoke, Virginia 2008

HMD Report: Roanoke, Virginia

Thanks to Ashley Maynor for her report on Roanoke’s first Home Movie Day this year:

Our event took place today (Nov. 1st) due to the venue’s scheduling conflicts with the official day. I posted my full report as a blog post.

As you can read, we had a great event. Last year I purchased two Bolex 18-5 projectors on eBay—one for 8mm and one for Super8—and they are still working beautifully! For next year, we’re hoping to host the event at a local retirement home to try to have a larger built-in audience and attract more people who own films. There’s so much interest but a lot of seniors aren’t willing/able to get out and drive for the event (or navigate downtown parking).

My only wish would have been for a better set of film rewinds. Anyone have any leads on where to get 8mm/Super8 models on the cheap?

Many thanks to Home Movie Depot and Pro8mm for their donations to this year’s event!

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