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HMD Report: Paris 2012

HMD Report: Paris

Event Venue: L’Espace Saint Michel / 7 place Saint Michel / 75005 Paris

Event time (screening): From 2pm to midnight

Event time (inspection): From 2pm to 6pm

Total Audience: about 120 persons

Number of people bringing films: 15

Films screened by Gauge:

8mm: 1
Super 8: 28
16mm: 1
9.5mm: 0
Video: 2 DVD (1 from 8mm film)


12 total (Bruno G., Katerina Kampoli, Samantha Leroy, Carla Mancini, Sylvia Nicolas, Hervé Pichard, Sébastien Ronceray, Céline Ruivo, Jérémie Tate, Fanny Tziovaridis, Francesca Veneziano, Delphine Voiry-Humbert)

Special events/screenings:

14h: Program for children

16h: Special Program about Portrait

  • Algérie 1960, Francis Lemaitre, excerpt (1960, 8mm, silent, 7’) from ECPAD?The military Francis Lemaitre used his Brownie Kodak 8mm camera to shoot several moments of his service activities in the area of Constantine.
  • Gaël et Kiel, Leïla Gharbi (2010, Super 8, silent, 6’)
    Portrait directed in two times. The first one is the portrait of Gaël pregnant during the shower in May 2010. The second one is the portrait of the new family: Gaël, Joachim the father and baby Kiel, in June 2010.
  • L’échec total, Christophe Guérin (2010, video projection, 3’)
    From Super 8 films of the same unknown family, Christophe Guérin kept the images of the mother, which are represented the idea of the happiness. Then he thought about his own mother who raised two children alone and he associated the pictures to this sentence: “I didn’t see life like that; I saw it like a dream”.
  • Babàs, Consuelo Lins (2012, video projection, 20’)
    Inspired by a photograph from the 19th century represented a baba (a nurse) with child, this film tells the story of these women in Brazil.
  • Le voleur, Heinz Brockmann, (1940-1945, 8mm, B&W, 4’ 12’’), from ECPAD?Fiction filmed by an amateur: a thief tries to steal money from a German soldier (playing by the film director).
  • Images de l’eau, Philippe Cote (2012, Super8/Video, B&W and color, silent, 11’)?Different forms and manifestations taken by water, experiences of the director’s body underwater. A poetic essay about imaginary of the material.

18h : Open Screen (7 films brought by the audience)

[Cérès Franco]
Director unknown
1948, 8mm (video projection), black and white
Brought by Clémence, Cérès Franco’s granddaughter

Movie about Cérès Franco, a contemporary art collector, shot by friends in 1948 in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, to the beach of Ipanema) and in USA (during a dance show to the Casa Internacional in New York and in Salt Lake City).

[Film without title]
Directed by Wilfried Histi and Nadia Chalom
2007, Super 8, Colors
Brought by Wilfried Histi

Animation film directed without editing (“tourné-monté”), within the framework of Les ateliers du Rodéo Club. This funny and creative film tells the adventures of a penguin.

Les Halles
Directed by Louis Aimé Fraschini
Circa 1970-1973, 8mm, Colors
Brought by Béatrice Fraschini Rey, daughter of the director

Documentary film about Les Halles in Paris, during the great renovation: empty markets, manifestation against the renovation, destruction of the Pavillons Baltard, huge hole waiting for the new building… This film tells one of the great urban transformations in Paris during the 20th century.

[Films without titles]
Directed by Michel Chalot
Circa 1970, Super 8, Colors
Brought by Maxime Bouillon, son of the director

Two family movies: travel by car and Christmas night.

Salon de l’agriculture
Directed by Yves Dimet
Circa 1971-72, 16mm, black and white
Brought by Yves Dimet

Cows and activities during the agriculture show. An amazing film, a “will to do a film about imprisonment” (Yves Dimet)

Obsèques de Pompidou
Directed by Yves Dimet
1974, Super 8, Colors
Brought by Yves Dimet

A crowd of people is present at Georges Pompidou funeral. The director scratched little drawings on the film.

21h : Ciné – concert
40 minutes of excerpts of family movies from the Österreichisches Filmmuseum Pathé-Baby collection. These films come from four families; they show leisure of the middle-class from Wien in the thirties. The films have been accompanied by the performance of music band Les Ongles noirs and guest. The director Gaëlle Rouard edited 8 minutes of these films and presented a very special work called Loisible aventureux.

Press (pre-event and post-event):
The program was published on our web site (homemoviedayparis.fr), articles and adverts were published in revues and cultural programs.

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