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HMD Report: Orland Park, Illinois 2006

HMD Report: Orland Park, Illinois

Nancy Urbanski writes in with a report from Orland Park, as well as two articles from the local press and somephotos of the event from the Daily Southtown.

Our first HMD day held at the Orland Park Library was successful. We had film inspection from 11:00 with the film showings beginning at 12:30. We were a bit swamped at 11:00 with everyone wanting to talk to the archivists. Nine people came through the door almost at the same time.

Some brought films for inspection but could not stay for the showing; others left their films at home and just wanted some advice on caring for their films, transfer rates, etc. Still others brought their films for inspection and showing and kept us busy for the hour and a half.

Our program started at 12:30 with Larry Urbanski giving a presentation about proper film care, some movie day history, and format obsolescence. We concluded the talk with audience questions.

We screened 16mm, Reg. 8, and Super 8 home movies. They ranged from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. We screened three 16mm 400 ft rolls from a family that had 12 children: 10 girls and 2 boys. The colors were brilliant and the amateur filmmaker took great care to get shots of faces which makes for an interesting film. Shots were of New Years Eve parties (1958), babies with banners bringing in the New Year, Christmas, and Easter outfits. There were shots of Chicago’s South Side, churches, weddings, local now closed amusement parks, and babies. The people who brought the film told the audience about what we were watching. We had 20 people for the film showings. We were competing with beautiful weather for the event. We served popcorn and lots of theatre candy (Raisinettes and Milk Duds, etc.). We ended at 4:00 but we would have liked to screen more films.

Our only problem was the room could not be made dark enough; a light could not be shut in the back of the room for safety ordinance causing the 8mm gauge film to be too light.

All in all a great, fun-filled day.

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