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HMD Report: North Adams, Massachusetts 2013

HMD Report: North Adams, Massachusetts

City: North Adams, MA

Event Venue: The Hub (back room)

Event time (screening): 8:00 pm

Event time (inspection): 7:55 pm

Total Audience: About 25, most local but we were having the annual
footage researchers retreat the same weekend, so we had three people
from New York City and one from Poughkeepsie.

Number of people bringing films: 5

Films screened by Gauge:
8mm: 1
Super 8: 0 (one brought but no projector)
16mm: 10

Volunteers (# and names—will be acknowledged in CHM annual report
unless otherwise indicated): Rich Remsberg, Grover Askins

Press (pre-event and post-event): North Adams Transcript, Facebook,
mailing list, word of mouth (including two people from out of town who
heard about it at a yoga class that morning).

Report submitted by: Rich Remsberg


Four 50’ reels from a box (of about 15) bought by Michael Dolan at a
junk shop that week: Primarily Long Island in the 1930s and 1940s.

Lewanne Jones’ home movies, shot by her father in West Africa in
1963-65, while her family was living there for a project with Cornell

Two reels featuring pageants, football games, student life, etc. from
the Hoosac School (in Hoosick, NY), where presenter Tom Cochran is
currently the Dean of Students (and once was a student). The two shown
were from the five or so in the batch.

Rich Remsberg’s found home movies of France in the 1920s.

Two reels of a three-decade collection of Grover Askins’ found home
movies of a family in Connecticut.


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