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HMD Report: New York City 2012

HMD Report: New York City

2012 Event Report – HMD New York City

Event Venue: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Event time (screening): 1-5pm

Event time (inspection): 1-5pm

Total audience: 35 throughout the 1-5 time frame

Number of people bringing films: 12 (Ashley, Walter, Emily, Erik, Robert, Andrea, Greg, Katie/MoMA, Marie, Sylvia, Sue, Ashley S.)

No. of films screened by gauge: 14 media total

8mm: 4
Super8: 4
16mm: 4
9.5mm: 0
Video: 0
Other: 2 carousel trays of 35mm (still) slides

Volunteers: 21 total (Katie Trainor, Walter Forsberg, John Klacsmann, Greg Sargent (projectionist), Erik Piil, Shira Peltzman, Kathryn Gronsbell, Dewitt Davis, Ashley Swinnerton, Justin LaLiberty, Dan Finn, Kristen MacDonough, Rebecca Fraimow, Erica Titkemeyer, Rebecca Hernandez-Gerber, Athena Holbrook, Emily Natsany, Juana Suarez, Pamela Vizner, Benjamin Peeples, Dan Erdman)

Short description of films screened:

  1. An 8mm film of St. Louis Zoo, March 13th, 1960. Includes Forest Park, St. Louis, the Webster Groves neighborhood, and Father’s Day 1960 (Ashley).
  2. Super8 footage shot in 2011 in Mexico featuring Torre Americano and old movie theatres (Walter).
  3. 16mm footage of various landmarks in Washington DC: White House, Washington Monument, etc.
  4. An 8mm film of an aunt’s birthday and Easter in Westfield, NJ ca. 1959 (Emily).
  5. 16mm B/W footage of pre-WWII family life in Providence, RI. This mailer was lost in transit for 70 years and was re-discovered by an NYC lab in 2011 (Erik/DuArt).
  6. 16mm footage of 1939 World’s Fair in Kodachrome. Titles were spliced in around 1964 (Robert Martins). Robert remarks of the filming of the World’s Fair flower gardens by his grandfather, “you have to film the flower gardens so as to not upset the wife.”
  7. Super8 footage of canoeing with a friend in the Gowanus canal ca. 2011 (Walter).
  8. 8mm footage of College Point, Queens ca. 1931 – The first reformed Church on Easter Sunday heads to campgrounds on Bellmont Park, Long Island (Robert). Also includes footage of an underdeveloped East River waterfront, as well as a relative “born in 1868.”
  9. Super8mm footage (with sound) of travels on Route 60 in Florida ca. 1970 (Andrea Callard).
  10. A 35mm slide show of family moments set to a chorus of rural school children singing tunes by the Beach Boys (Greg Sargent).
  11. 8mm footage of San Francisco Wharf and various SF sites, ca. 1970 (Katie/MoMA).
  12. Super8 footage of a Romanian civil ceremony shot in 1981 (Marie).
  13. 16mm footage of a Venezuelan movie maker traveling through Europe ca. 1960’s (Sylvia). Includes footage of Buckingham Palace, as well as a bullfight in Spain ca. 1969 (Sylvia).
  14. A 35mm slide show of orphaned assorted still slides found in an antique store in Brooklyn, NY in 2012 (Ashley S.).

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