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HMD Report: Chicago 2007

HMD Report: Chicago

HMD Report from Nancy Watrous in Chicago:

Although we had about the same number of people coming to see the screening as the last two years, there were fewer people coming with films, We had about 9 people that submitted films (some had quite alot) and one person who was interested in an inspection of their films, but did not stay for the screening.

Tom Palazzolo kicked off the screening with his Rickey and Rocky, a surprise wedding shower he lensed in ‘71. Other particularly notable footage was some shot on Cine-Kodak Super-sensitive panchromatic film of typical home movie scenes, but one of these sequences was lit with candles, showing off the “…shots that were impossible just a few months ago have now been recorded with amazing clarity and brilliance. Indoor and outdoor scenes at night…at dawn…at dusk…on dull and rainy days—clouds…skies…marine views…foliage—all are clearer, more detailed.” As told by a 1931 Movie Makers article that Dave Drazin gave to CFA about this amazing stock for the amateur filmmaker.

Nick Osborn brought in some late 20s, early 30s footage of Washington DC…street stuff..
Also included in his films were some fabulous Playboy bunny and vacation footage… private parties, etc.

Also re-visited was Pete Bingham’s behind the combat lines footage of leisure and R&R in Vietnam during the early 70s. Footage of a hired band and go-go dancers entertaining the guys gradually escalated into a strip-tease act and inter-active entertainment with one of the soldiers which then culminated at a later date with disturbing footage of a middle-aged prostitute trying to entice off screen soldiers at a rifle range to taste her wares. Vivid historical evidence that informed literature such as Graham Greene’s The Quiet American.

As always, Andy Uhrich, Michelle Puetz, Carolyn Faber, Anne Wells and newcomer Joshua Mabe joined me in operating the show. All pros…

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