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HMD Report: Baltimore 2012

HMD Report: Baltimore

Event Venue: University of Baltimore Langsdale Library Auditorium
Event time (screening): 2:00-4:00
Event time (inspection): 1:00-3:00
Total Audience: 25
Number of people bringing films: 8 individuals, as well as loans from archives

Films screened by Gauge:
8mm: 2
Super 8: 6
16mm: 6
9.5mm: 0
Video: 3


Taylor McBride
Siobhan Hagan
Tim Wisniewski
Jeannette Lichtenwalner
Pat Doyen
Dwight Swanson

Special events/screenings:
Tracey Melhuish. Peabody Institute (see below) and John Waters Home
Movies (from DVD)

Press (pre-event and post-event):
Primarily University of Baltimore Library and local online calendars.

Report submitted by Dwight Swanson

  1. “Chemical Ballet” Peabody Institute’s Carroll Lynn Collection. Tracey Melhuish introduces how the film was acquired as well as 100th anniversary of Peabody in 2014. Colorlab did preservation work. Carroll Lynn dancer and director of Peabody in the 40s-60s and choreographer. She is a pioneer in the early filming of dance.
  2. Super 8mm low light home movies of Greg Shearer’s family in the 70s in Baltimore (Hampden). Young son’s birthday party, playing in snow, Greg’s grandmother long since passed.
  3. Pat Doyen’s “Niagara Falls/Kodak Sales Training Film”: Kodachrome. Filmed by an employee of Kodak in Rochester, NY in the late 1950s or early 1960s.
  4. DVD Transfer of John Waters Home Movies 1946 and 1950
  5. Jim Hagan’s college football highlights (and lowlights) from the mid-70s from University of Maryland. 43 yard touchdown pass, winning the game against Clemson. Followed immediately by the play where he injured his knee and that was the end of his career as a football player.
  6. Megan McShea works as a film archivist. Brought her grandparent’s home movies. Catholic procession and town parade 1950s. Roland Park?
  7. 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse film from the collections of the Maryland Historical Society Library. Donated to Baltimore City Life Museums by Bunny Siebert (little girl at the end of the film).
  8. Megan McShea: Smedley Park Atlantic City, kids playing in water sprinkler (Megan’s parents)
  9. Eric Krasner: filmmaker and film collector. 1950s Kodachrome of a young boy putting together/setting up a film projector: amazing Americana patriotic curtains in background. Boy threads the film through the projector; very instructional; with close-ups. RCA 400 film projector. “The Boy and His Projector” on youtube.
  10. Tim Wisniewski: DVD transfers of collection of B&W 16mm film from Johns Hopkins Medical Archives; 1929 Hugh Hampton Young; Dinner party of tuxedo men smoking and talking. White people mimicking Native Americans wearing a feather headdress. (Microphone stopped working: ran out of batteries?)
  11. Robert DiLutis’s 1960 film of his dad at the airport leaving family for military basic training. Walking through park; people mugging for the camera.
  12. Eric Krasner: Rodell Film Studio: 16mm optical sound home movies; cut out a little water damage at the beginning: drunk people singing at piano: on youtube.com/cinegraphic Sound did not work, had to cut the screening short
  13. Shelley Aloi: Karate exams when she was about 16 years old: breaking boards and things. Early 1970s. Private White House tour from the same time; when Carter was President.
  14. Dwight Swanson eBay purchase. Pimlico Horse Races: women tearing up bet receipt. Sherwood Garden (Guilford, MD?)

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