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HMD New Orleans in the LA Daily News 2006

HMD New Orleans in the LA Daily News

Judy O’Rourke, in the Santa Clarita edition of the LA Daily News, describes the New Orleans Home Movie Day with her September 2nd article Big Easy Caught on Celluloid.

“The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina placed the historical record of New Orleans at great risk,” said Brian Graney, one of the five decision makers and a film library technician for the UCLA Film and Television Archive, in Los Angeles. Its massive collections are due to be moved to Santa Clarita in a couple of years. “We contacted people and they were uniformly enthusiastic.”

Under normal circumstances, watching flicks at Home Movie Day gingerly transports viewers to times past, where people and places change gradually over the years. In New Orleans, fragile celluloid images were sometimes the sole remnants of a world wiped out in one fell swoop.

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