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Home Movie Day 2020 Online

Because of the disruption to the world that COVID-19 has caused, in 2020 Home Movie Day will also include an online component in addition to the traditional in-person screenings. Home Movie Day will still be a series of local events, but shared on the Internet instead of just being held in individual venues.

The Center for Home Movies (CHM) will be creating a web portal that will host digital video presentations of home movies from around the world. Viewers will be able to watch live and pre-recorded home movie screenings organized by organizations and individuals.

Since people have been rediscovering forgotten collections as they have stayed at home, this is an excellent opportunity to make new connections with the public and their home movies and to spotlight amateur film and video collections already held in archives.


Just as Home Movie Day is not one event, but rather a coordinated group of activities organized by local hosts around the world, so too will this virtual Home Movie Day be whatever format each organizer wishes it to be. CHM asks that only that you create a video presentation that can be embedded in our project website. We encourage you to use Vimeo when possible but will work with you in any platform that you prefer. Some ideas are:

  • Pre-recorded programs of home movies
  • Livestreams of in-person programs
  • Screenings with live chats, commentaries, introductions or question and answer session
  • Informational sessions on home movie history and preservation

We also encourage you to come up with any other ideas that would best work for you, and we will be available to assist in any way that you require to make it happen.

The overarching theme of HMD2020 is “New ways of connecting.” You can interpret this through the technology of streaming home movies online, or more expressively it can be a way to guide you in making curatorial selections in your program.


Home Movie Day is October 17, 2020, we encourage hosts to hold there events on that day, but since “Every day is Home Movie Day,” events can be held literally any day of the year, though the closer to the actual date, the more energy that gives the event as a whole. We also encourage you to keep your programs available for online viewing as long as possible.

How to Participate

Please complete this form you are considering hosting an event this year. We are using this to gather initial information – hosts will have the ability to modify any event details prior to having them posted on the online events page. 

If you have any questions or suggestions about how best to make this work please let us know–we are open to any ideas! Home Movie Day has always been a kind of international family, but this year more than ever it is going to require us to work together, and we are really excited about the possibilities.