About Home Movie Day

Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur films and filmmaking held annually at numerous local venues worldwide. At each open screening event, volunteers equipped with vintage movie projectors invite people to bring their own home movies to have them projected on screen and to share them with an audience. Each local event engages its participants in understanding the contributions to be made by every family in illuminating the history of their communities. The film archivists, collectors, exhibitors, and technicians behind Home Movie Day launched the event out of a shared concern for all the home movies shot on film over the last century. It was seen as a grassroots education and outreach effort to keep these often neglected and sometimes discarded mementos alive for future generations. Since the first Home Movie Day events on August 16, 2003, these public screenings of once-private films have revealed hundreds of reels, many of which had been unseen even by the filmmakers and their families for decades.

For more about Home Movie Day, visit the official web site at www.homemovieday.com.

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