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Ellwood Hoffmann’s “1944 Republican Convention” home movie to be preserved with NFPF Grant

Posted by June 5th, 2015

The National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) has awarded the Center for Home Movies a grant to preserve “1944 Republican Convention,” a home movie from the Ellwood Hoffmann collection. Hoffmann was a delegate to the Chicago convention, and was right up close to the stage with his camera, shooting (in color) footage of Thomas Dewey, Herbert Hoover, Kate Smith and others. Cinema Arts, Inc. will create a new 16mm negative and print and digital transfer.

Ellwood Hoffmann (1885-1996) dropped out of school in 6th grade and went to work sweeping the floors at a hosiery mill for 25 cents per week. Eventually he started Lucille Hosiery, a silk stocking factory in Philadelphia. (more…)

2014 Annual Report now available!

Posted by April 14th, 2015

Home Movie Days around the world, new collections, Home Grown Movies and our ever expanding community of amateur film advocates and supporters are all highlighted in our 2014 Annual Report

In 2014 the Center for Home Movies nurtured ongoing projects and planned for future change and growth. Showing an amazing ability to generate continued interest in the concept of sharing and screening home movies, the 12th annual Home Movie Day was celebrated in 19 countries, including for the first time ever, Indonesia! Over 450 amateur films and videos were shown worldwide at Home Movie Day events. Home Grown Movies, our online exhibit presenting the best films and videos from HMD screenings in 2013, entered its second year with eleven newly curated films and videos. 


Memories To Light: Kip Fulbeck at CAAMFest- March 22 | Oakland, CA

Posted by March 15th, 2015

CHM is thrilled to co-present a live performance by pioneering artist, spoken word performer and filmmaker Kip Fulbeck at this year’s CAAMFest. Drawing upon his family’s home movies, Fulbeck has fashioned a unique performance that promises to be unforgettable. Memories to Light “live home movie presentations” are a CAAMFest favorite – selling out two years in a row! So get your tickets now!


Rick Prelinger in person! February 20th and 21st | Madison, WI

Posted by February 16th, 2015

CHM is proud to co-present two very special lecture and screening events with archivist, writer, filmmaker and outsider librarian Rick Prelinger this weekend in Madison, WI – Looking Up From the Bench: For a Critical Archives Discourse (Friday, February 20th) and No More Road Trips? (Saturday, February 21st).  Rick Prelinger is an inspiring and engaging speaker whose archival work currently focuses on collecting, recontextualizing, and exhibiting home movies and amateur films. A special thank you to our co-presenters and sponsors Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, UW-Madison Department of Communication Arts, UW-Madison SLIS and Madison Public Library.  (more…)

The excitement of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation 60 years ago…

Posted by July 29th, 2013

"The excitement of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation 60 years ago in the royal family has been revealed in private home movies on display at the Buckingham Palace as part of the Queen’s Coronation Exhibition, starting on Saturday at Buckingham Palace to coincide with the summer opening of the state rooms in the palace."

Movies, clothes reveal Queen's coronation buzz
The excitement of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation 60 years ago in the royal family has been …

Arthur H. Smith's THE LAST REEL is just that–his last film, looking back at his…

Posted by July 18th, 2013

Arthur H. Smith's THE LAST REEL is just that–his last film, looking back at his personal films and his life in Big Bear Lake. It stars, as always, his wife, collaborator, and muse, Blanche, and includes a charming visual catalog of all of the cats in their lives.

Arthur H Smith: The Last Reel
THE LAST REEL, a 1981 edited home movie by Arthur H. Smith of Smith's later years, living with his wife Blanche in Big Bear Lake, California, including a des…