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The Unfinished Tour

Posted by December 3rd, 2011

This is a 6 reel film, documenting a variety of events in the life of my Grandfather & his family as they lived and worked in India throughout the mid-late 1930’s. Lots of interesting footage of wildlife and life in rural India of the period.

Behind my Bungalow 2

Posted by December 2nd, 2011

Completely different than ‘Behind my Bungalow’ – this series of daily vignettes was shot as a reel to send to my Grandfather’s two older sons who were away at boarding school in the UK. On this reel, more scenes of daily life around Jalgaon, and a boar hunt, among other scenes.

Tiger Beat

Posted by December 2nd, 2011

Tiger Beat was shot in January, 1937. This depicts how a British Forest Officer would engage in the hunt for a tiger, which has been harassing a small village in rural India. Please note, that I do not personally condone the destruction of endangered animals. The context of this hunt, and the era needs to be taken into consideration.