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Home Grown Movies 2015 continues!

Posted by February 12th, 2016

Home Grown Movies 2015 continues! ‘Easter and Funeral‘ is a film shot by Hubert M. James during spring 1963 in and near Flowery Branch, Georgia. In two distinct sections, the first shows the James family children searching for Easter eggs at the their home, and the second the funeral of WWII veteran and James family relative John A. Reed.

This home movie was provided by Bonita James Roberts and brought to our attention by Ruta Abolins (Cleveland, GA Home Movie Day). A very special thank you to them both and to Movette Film Transfer for digitizing the film.

Home Grown Movies 2015 is Underway!

Posted by December 18th, 2015

Home Grown Movies returns with a third selection of films shown at recent Home Movie Day events from around the world. This year’s group of fifteen films and videos will be unveiled monthly, and as in past years will include new transfers, essays, musical scores and narration by the films’ owners.  We’re kicking off this season with MUMBAI FASHION SHOW.  Shown at Home Movie Day Madison, Wisconsin, this mystery reel was purchased in 2013 in an antique store in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar.  Stay tuned for more!!!


Ellwood Hoffmann’s “1944 Republican Convention” home movie to be preserved with NFPF Grant

Posted by June 5th, 2015

The National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) has awarded the Center for Home Movies a grant to preserve “1944 Republican Convention,” a home movie from the Ellwood Hoffmann collection. Hoffmann was a delegate to the Chicago convention, and was right up close to the stage with his camera, shooting (in color) footage of Thomas Dewey, Herbert Hoover, Kate Smith and others. Cinema Arts, Inc. will create a new 16mm negative and print and digital transfer.

Ellwood Hoffmann (1885-1996) dropped out of school in 6th grade and went to work sweeping the floors at a hosiery mill for 25 cents per week. Eventually he started Lucille Hosiery, a silk stocking factory in Philadelphia. (more…)

Hollywoodlife.com on the home movies of North West: "Kim and Kanye are doing the…

Posted by June 29th, 2013

Hollywoodlife.com on the home movies of North West: "Kim and Kanye are doing their best to keep the spotlight off their newborn, and the amateur movies they’re making are just for them. “That’s just for the family,” the source says, “so they can remember that moment.”"

Kim Kardashian: The Special Film They've Made Of North West
The big cameras that the Kardashians are used to haven't shot Nori just yet, but a source close to Kanye West tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that he and Kim have filmed their newborn themselve…

The Spanish television program "Metrópolis" recently dedicated an episode to hom…

Posted by June 28th, 2013

The Spanish television program "Metrópolis" recently dedicated an episode to home movies and Home Movie Day. "We analyze the language of these works, that ignore the rules of the language of film and television, and became embroiled in formal and thematic imaginative solutions. An emotional flow that gives priority to the experience and the file above the planning and canonical perfection."

Metrópolis – Video doméstico, Metrópolis – RTVE.es A la Carta
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