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Home Movie Day and Night Contributions

Thank you for contributing your films and videos to Home Movie Day and Night!

We would like to receive your files as soon as possible, but by September 15, 2019 at the latest, to give us time to organize and standardize all of the files into one program. Titles will be added to each clip so that the viewers will know what they are watching and to give you credit. You may include your watermarked logo on your files.

Send your files to 24hours@homemovieday.com by WeTransfer or any other appropriate web file transfer program. We will then download them and save them to our project Dropbox. Please contact us if your files are not downloaded promptly. We will compile the files into the final product for uploading to the webcast.

Technical specifications

Please send us your best quality file of a manageable size. H.264 or .MOV files are preferred (all files will be converted to mpeg4 for uploading). Please send in their original aspect ratios (4:3 in most cases). If the films were digitized at a different speed than they were filmed at we will ask your permission to change the speed to 16fps or 18fps.

Metadata fields

Please include the following information (when known) about your files:

Filmmaker(s) name
Date (of filming)
Location (of filming)
Film/Video Original Format
Archive/Film Owner
Digitization done by
Hyperlinks for the web listings (optional)

The above information will appear on screen before each film and at in final credits, as well as on the website (which can also include additional textual information).