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24 Hour Home Movie Day

The 24-Hour Home Movie Day (working title) is a project in development for October 27th, 2019. It will coincide with the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.

The Plan:

We will decide upon a theme for the project and match the films to the theme of the World Day for Audio Visual Heritage.

A curator or team of curators will be chosen for each time zone.

The curator(s) will reach out to Home Movie Day hosts, archives, and individuals within that time zone to find 60 minutes of home movies.

The hour should cover as much of the geographic scope of the time zone as possible. Commentaries can and should be included when possible (either in English or with English subtitles).

The hour can be comprised entirely of video clips or can include live presentations (either pre-recorded, or webcast live).

The hours will be uploaded in advance and webcast from a central site in the United States for webcasting.

The webcast will begin at noon on Sunday, October 27th (the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage) and then continue across all of the time zones.

We will work to try to find venues that will project the entire event (or at least long portions of it) live.
The webcast will be shown live on YouTube and at least one other platform, and then be accessible online indefinitely following the event.

The Center for Home Movies and the project team will be available to offer technical and curatorial assistance as needed.

Time Zone Map
Wikipedia list of Time Zones